Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mord All

Teaching is a rewarding profession.  I get to read books like "There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom" and pretend that I chose it for them

I get to moderate 9th grade class debates about honesty - and watch it all fall apart as final remarks deteriorate into mudslinging.  Nodding solemnly as closing arguments produce a chilling confession from a team captain - she did lie about liking her teammate's shoes yesterday*.

I get to have arguments with 6th graders about the height of a fictional child dwarf**.

I get to silently judge my 10th grade boys (all basketball stars) when they shoot for the trash can - and always miss.

I enjoy my work. 

I have noticed a few differences, however, between teaching 6th graders and high school.  Dwarves notwithstanding, I just feel like I have a little more control with the older kids.

I mean, check out this bad boy in my high school classroom.

"Rock on, Miss Sarah!" - says a generic cool teen, in my dreams.

Now let's mosey on down to 6th grade, shall we?

Fair enough.

* We all did. 
** It's still too soon to talk about this.

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  1. Mord up - keep it comin'! I know my opinion doesn't carry the same weight as a cool teen's, but anyway I want to tell you to rock on.