Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Big Knit

Like most women my age*, I love a good knit.  So you can imagine my delight upon discovering a knitting shop here in Bangkok.  Not only does it have a wide variety of yarns and sticks**, but grandmas like me can also enjoy a cup of tea and a chat, all the while plugging away on our latest masterpiece.

Sample masterpiece:

This little slice of geriatric heaven is called the Big Knit.  And it's actually quite a hip spot.  Somewhere along the line, knitting got pretty cool.  It might have been around this time that I took my first stab at it.  Living in Brooklyn.  Feeling the pressure.  

So I learned from my aunt, one summer in Vermont.  And as you can tell, I have pretty much perfected the art form.

I like the Big Knit because there is inspiration everywhere.

Some adorable.

Some downright delightful.

And some uncomfortable.

And perhaps one day I will move on from gifting family and friends with scarves full of holes that they feel obligated to wear - and move on to bigger and better things.

But folks.  If it ever goes too far.  If you ever see me making my way towards you, a mad glint in my eye, trying to present you with this:

Smack me across the face.  

*Eighty years old.
**Official term.

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