Monday, October 18, 2010

The Stages of Life

I first noticed this advertisement getting off the BTS (skytrain).

I remember thinking it was funny because the little girl was wearing what appeared to be a colonial outfit from the 1800's.

This made me happy.  Just three gals, of different generations (and time periods), enjoying a cracker. Enjoying life.  Who can't relate?

However, upon seeing the ad a second, maybe third time, I noticed that the three girls in the picture have the same face.
They are...the same person.

Which got me to thinking.

Is this an accurate representation of the different stages of her life? Because if so - I am interested in this cracker. She started out (as you do) a fresh-faced, colonial girl who enjoys dipping her cracker in cream. Fast forward 200 years and now she's a millenial career girl - who prefers her cracker plain.

It's all happening now!  And can we really blame her for entering the next stage of her life - as a 90's suburban housewife, who has gone blonde and naturally developed freckles?

I think not!  She's having fun!  She puts jam on her cracker now!

She's earned it.

Just the average lifespan of a Thai woman and her cracker.

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