Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Luck of the Draw

Between my article and my last blog post about the Magic Tattoo Festival, I am getting pretty sick of the words "Magic Tattoo Festival".  However.

When we were at the temple, we did notice an array of animal statues displayed on the grounds.  We wondered if perhaps these were representative of the animals that people were invoking the spirits of.  Could these be the choices that the spirits get to pick from?

If this is true, then what if you get stuck with the apprehensive boar?

Hey guys, is there a party tonight?  I'm totally free!

Do your friends make fun of you if get the effeminate tiger?


Can becoming a poorly proportioned frog be considered a spiritual experience?


If you get the sad gorilla with body-image issues two years in a row, do you think Seriously?  This again?


And when you get the smug rabbit, do you just pretend you never went to the festival?

You seriously haven't heard of this band?

Food for thought.

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