Saturday, January 29, 2011


This is my local 7-11.

Everyone's got their 'local', which isn't surprising considering there are over six thousand 7-11's in Thailand, half of which are in Bangkok.  So I guess you could say mine's not that special.  Except that it is.  For around the corner is my crew.

This crew consists of, what I consider, some of the best motorcycle taxi drivers in Bangkok.  They always look out for me, get me where I'm going safely and cut me sweet deals in the process.

I mean, check out this crew.

You've gotta love 'em.  

The Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver is easily identifiable by the bright orange vest that he dons.  To me, this vest represents a certain degree of professionalism.  I like to think that the moto taxi driver has to earn this vest, pass a series of difficult challenges, perhaps a written exam in there somewhere.  I like to think that if one is wearing this vest, there is a level of trust that he knows what he is doing.  I like to think that this vest guarantees my safety while hurtling through the streets of this big, bad city.  

I like to think a lot of things.

This might be why walking past this store the other day was a bit disconcerting.

Are the orange vests...for sale?  Can any Somchai off the street be a motorcycle taxi driver for the right price?  

Can I be a motorcycle taxi driver?


  1. haha of course anyone can be a mototaxi driver..

  2. I also thought that this beautiful vest receive only the most deserving)
    Please tell me where you saw this shop with vests?

    translated from Russian online translator Google)